What it Means

Today, many people associate the term membership with paying dues, meaningless rituals, silly rules and handshakes, and having your name on some dusty roll.

At Park Hill UMC, being a member has a different image. It does not refer to a cold induction into an institution or joining a religious club. Being a member of Park Hill means becoming a vital part of a living, growing family, in which we all share joys and responsibilities with other followers of Christ. You are a part of a vibrant family that cares for each other in good times and bad times.

Together we reach out to others in the community.

Members have a sense of ownership. We talk about “OUR” church. We are contributors, not just consumers.

Members are connected to other believers in Jesus Christ. We have a sense of identity, accountability and commitment. It’s not just about believing, it’s about belonging.

The leadership of Park Hill realizes that people who join this church come from all sorts of religious backgrounds, including no religion at all. Jesus was in the business of accepting people right where they were, and we take the same attitude. We are so glad that you are here. Come, join our family!


  • Identifies you as a Christian
  • Provides a spiritual family to support and encourage you in your walk with Christ
  • Gives you a place to discover and use your gifts in ministry
  • Gives you spiritual guidance to grow in your faith
  • Helps you discover the purpose for your life
  • Provides roots and a place to belong in a mobile and fragmented society
  • Provides a place of stability and nurturing if you have been hurt and broken by life’s circumstances
  • Provides a place to make real friends and build relationships that will last a lifetime

Requirements and Expectations


Become a Christian

  • Baptism
  • Attend Membership Class
  • Pastor Eric would love to talk to you about these requirements


You commit yourself and your family to provide your prayers, your presence, your gifts and your service to God and Park Hill UMC.

Are you interested in becoming a member of Park Hill UMC?

For more information, please contact our church office • 303-322-1867 ext. 207

Participate In Events

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Worship Times

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