Children’s Center

Children’s Center Goals

  • To help each child learn to make choices, decision and find solutions to problems.
  • To develop relationships between the children by means of sharing and interaction with each other and adults.
  • To develop children’s listening skills through music, reading and various audio techniques.
  • To work on physical development as well as emotional development through all activities in the school.
  • To obtain experiences in language, art, math, drama and science and to learn about cultures around the world.
  • To encourage healthful eating habits through good nutrition and table manners.
  • To help children gain responsibility and self-control though appropriate discipline with the classrooms.
  • To develop children’s knowledge, following the monthly activities based on yearly and weekly lesson plans, through field trips, social interaction and the Center program.
  • To help a child gain his or her personal self-esteem.
  • To prepare students for successful learning in elementary and middle school.


  • CLASSROOMS – Children are placed in sunny, spacious rooms according to age.
  • PLAY AREAS – Two outdoor playgrounds and one indoor gymnasium provide space for a variety of activities, during all types all weather.
  • TEACHERS – Our teachers are experienced and well-qualified to teach young children.
  • LICENSED – We are licensed for 130 children and meet all requirements issued by the State of Colorado for child care centers.
  • ADMISSION – Open to all children between the ages 2-12. Health exam and immunization records are required.
  • TUITION – Tuition is due between the 1st and the 5th of each month. Tuition discounts are available when you have more than one child enrolled. The second and third child receive a 10% and 15% discount from the full tuition rate.

Enrollment Procedure

  • Come to the Center to observe.
  • Please check out the Center’s Website for more information.

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5209 Montview Blvd
Denver, CO 80207

Worship Times

Monday - Sunday
8:00am - 4:30pm